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These are the services we offer today.

Custom Development

Looking to get some custom work done to your Koken site? Well then look no further! We have a deep insight into how Koken works, and can help taylor your theme to better suit your customization needs.

Community Forum

The forum where it all started.
A thriving community of both developers and photographers sharing their knowledge.

Premium Support

We offer premium support for our products as well as for third party themes and plugins.

Themes & Plugins

These are the plugins and themes that we have made available for Koken.

BackStage a premium Koken theme


Koken Theme

OxyGen 3 a premium Koken theme

OxyGen 3

Koken Theme

Cookie Consent for Koken

Cookie Consent

Koken plugin

Content warning for Koken

Content Warning

Koken plugin

OxyGen Slideshow for Koken

OxyGen Slideshow

Koken Plugin

Clicky Analytics for Koken

Clicky Analytics

Koken Plugin

Social Share Kit for Koken

Social Share Kit

Koken Plugin


A short outline of our history on the net.

  • March 29th 2015

    Our Humble Beginnings

    When it all started! Our first stumbling steps towards the future!

  • September 2015

    Open letter to Koken

    After a long period of total silence from the original Koken team Bjarne published the "open letter" in Sept 2015!

  • November 2015

    We were recognized as a support resource by NetObjects

    After the sale of Koken to NetObjects Inc, it took just a couple of weeks before they embraced us as a valuable resource for the community!

  • September 2016

    Accepted as third party reseller in the Koken store

    As the first developers outside of Koken/NetObjects, KCS was offered to distribute the premium version of OxyGen via the Koken store!

  • October 2017

    BackStage was Introduced in the Koken Store

    Our second Koken theme, BackStage, was introduced in the Koken Store.

Our Amazing Team

Meet the people that make things happen around here.

Bjarne Varöystrand

Bjarne Varöystrand


Christopher Bayer

Christopher Bayer

Developer & Co-Admin

Douglas R Bain

Douglas R Bain

Editor & Moderator

Without these amazing peoples dedication and hard work KCS would not be where it is today.

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