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Album name link on Regale 2

Questions regarding custom Koken theme and plugin development.

This is the place to start out from when you are creating your own themes and/or plugins

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Your name: Bob Dalton

Album name link on Regale 2

Postby bigbobdalton » Mon 05 Nov 2018, 17:35


Perhaps someone can help with a small error on Regale 2 that I would like to correct. If you view a photo from within a album, there is an actual setting to include the album name and link on that landing page. However, if you view that same photo from the content catalog it is missing. Is there any lens file that I can update to include the album names on all of my photos regardless viewing them from the album or from the content list?

With best regards,

Bob D.
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Bjarne Varöystrand
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Re: Album name link on Regale 2

Postby Bjarne Varöystrand » Tue 22 Jan 2019, 00:09

There is already such a setting for you to "flip".

When in the site console, Navigate your self to a content page and open the theme settings panel, there you will find: Show parent album link
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