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OxyGen Slideshow

Posted: Mon 21 Mar 2016, 22:49
by Bjarne Varöystrand
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Name: OxyGen Slideshow for Koken
Description: Extends the built in slideshow with navigation controls.
OxyGen Slideshow Adds a shortcode to embed slideshows with next, previous and play/pause controls in essays or pages.
Creator: Bjarne Varöystrand
Source code: ... -Slideshow
Downloads: Latest version 1.1.1
Documentation: OxyGen Slideshow docs

Note: This is our own fork of Mike Hartleys bigflanell-slideshow-embed, all credit to him for creating this excellent plugin.
To better see what we done with it visit the documentation page and decide if this can be for you or not

Re: OxyGen Slideshow

Posted: Tue 22 Mar 2016, 10:43
by macrain
Another great job. ;)

To you take to take pictures :lol:

Re: OxyGen Slideshow

Posted: Tue 22 Mar 2016, 13:22
by Bjarne Varöystrand
Thank you :)

:lol: Belive it or not, but I do find time to use the camera to :lol:

OxyGen Slideshow v1.1.1 changes

Posted: Mon 24 Oct 2016, 00:46
by Bjarne Varöystrand
Hi there guys, time to update this little "sucker" since there was a problem with slide show settings not sticking!
Credits to Dan for taking time to report this to me :ugeek:

  • [FIXED] Slideshow settings didn't stick
  • [UPDATED] Minimized our Javascript and instead added the uncompressed/raw JS to OxyGen-slideshow.js for anyone that want to have a look at it.
Download link in the first post is updated to reflect the new release... :D