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Koken Development

Command line tool and js library for Koken

Not plugins, but still Koken related tools & scripts
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Command line tool and js library for Koken

Postby bobylito » Sat 28 Oct 2017, 12:48

Hi there,

I love koken. But I'm also a developer and I like to customize things. When I wanted to build a website for the photos of my wedding, I chose Koken but I wanted a website of my own. And with the so-so documentation for the creation of themes and plugins I was a bit annoyed. So I chose to build a static website with the tools that I knew and just integrate Koken as the storage and admin of the photos.

That's why I created a small command line tools called koken-cli. This has two main functions: upload big batch of photos to koken and export of album metadata.

On top of that, if you're a node JS person, you can use it as a library and integrate it in your application to build website using for example Metalsmith. I'll eventually open source an example of my wedding website, but not now (I need to resetup everything).


Let me know what you think of it :)

PS: it's been since I've tried to use it, so it might be broken with the newer version. Feel free to open an issue: https://github.com/bobylito/koken-cli/issues
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Re: Command line tool and js library for Koken

Postby Bjarne Varöystrand » Sun 29 Oct 2017, 17:04

This is truly a very good addition to the Koken toolbox! :D :ugeek:

Thank you for sharing your development with the community! :ugeek:
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