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Bjarne Varöystrand
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Koken Community Support!

Postby Bjarne Varöystrand » Sun 17 May 2015, 12:57

Hi all!
The last couple of weeks there have been questions and calls for support: and now answers from the team them self.
Why, i cant say: but trying to my best to at least give some sort of support to newcomers here has pointed out that this forum is not the best from an outsiders point of view.
Therefor I have taken up on my self to set up a totally community driven and open source alternative to help.koken.me!

My original thoughts about this can be found here: http://help.koken.me/customer/portal/questions/11564345-sugestions-to-make-koken-even-better

Why I have done this?
Simple: to be able to give Koken a good, solid, simple and community driven forum: where we all can contribute both with answers but also tips and tricks.

Who am I?
Just a simple amateur photographer with roots in the open source community that fallen in love with Koken.

My thought and hope, is that the above forum will serve as asset together with this site: and somehow maybe give the team a chance to regroup and come back to life again.
I also hope that some of the "old timers" here will help out since your insights, "know-how" and experience is really needed to give this and Koken a fair chance of survival.

There always have to be a disclaimer!
The above link is NOT in any way connected to the Koken team

My Best regards to the Koken team and the "rest of you"
Bjarne Varöystrand
Bjarne Varöystrand - Image || Reddit || Twitter|| Facebook

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Your name: Jack

Re: Koken Community Support!

Postby Jack » Sat 26 Sep 2015, 14:13

Thanks for setting this forum up - Proper forum software helps create a community - What the developers at Koken put together as far as online helps was a pretty rubbish system.

Proper forum software makes it much easier to find answers to problems

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