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[HOW TO] Disable MySQL strict mode on your VPS

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[HOW TO] Disable MySQL strict mode on your VPS

Postby kenthhagstrom » Tue 21 Mar 2017, 08:55

Because of the fact that Koken is not compatible with MySQL strict mode, some of you might want to know how to disable this on your VPS. It's really not that complicated and it will save you from some frustration. This is written and tested on Ubuntu v16.10 but should work with a few other dists, Debian etc.

First log in to you server using SSH (you will need sudo privileges), first you need to find your my.cnf file (make sure you edit the correct file, the one that MySQL loads), open it and then change the sql_mode parameter (located below the [mysqld] text) to this (if it does not already exist, add it) OR you could add a new file inside the /etc/mysql/conf.d/ directory, name it disable_strict_mode.cnf and add the lines below.

Code: Select all


Save and exit your text editor. Then restart mysql.

sudo systemctl restart mysql

Now you're done and Koken should work just fine and not mess up your database tables!

If you'd like to dive more into why I've selected these modes, check out the MySQL documentation.

You can read about some of the Koken issues with strict mode on these urls:
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Re: [HOW TO] Disable MySQL strict mode on your VPS

Postby awair » Wed 06 Jun 2018, 23:28

A million thank yous!

You have saved my installation: was migrating from an underpowered physical host to a VPS, obviously different versions of everything, and I was unable to replicate my project structure. It looked like my site and future were doomed.

Apparently all fixed now, and I can proceed at "full pace" with my new host.

Thank you again.

For info: running LAMP on DO (Ubuntu 16.04)

I've had absolutely no response from Koken, but this forum seems to have all the answers. A donation is on the way...

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