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Creating an archive of my albums

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As of late, we have been seeing cases where some of you have been posting multiple types of questions within a singular type of topic...

This makes searching here a nightmare for people whom are attempting to find out whether or not their question has already been asked, or possibly even answered. Therefore, I would like to implement some very basic rules, which I think everybody will be happy with, given that they will lead to better search results.

  1. All public communication is done in English
  2. ONE question per topic
  3. Make the title descriptive
  4. If it's regarding a theme: make sure you mention the theme name.
  5. Leave a URL to your site, since sometimes, custom "hacks" and CSS will be uniqe to your site.

I believe that these simple rules will not only make our lives easier, but also the lives of our visitors :D

I am of the opinion that ignoring these requests will make it harder for us all.
Plus, we won't be able to actually mark an issue/topic as solved, since it would be more difficult to determine what we're actually trying to solve! For example: Are we addressing the first, second or third question?
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Creating an archive of my albums

Postby JohnWayne » Wed 12 Dec 2018, 17:25

I am fairly new to Koken and haven't gone fully live yet with the site. I am struggling with creating an archive of all my work. All I want to do is be ale to have a select number of albums on the main page of my Axis2 theme and the rest available through via a link on the header. Can anyone give me any tips please?
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Re: Creating an archive of my albums  Topic is solved

Postby faustvasea97 » Fri 21 Dec 2018, 06:17

I don't think you can have this, but you can make featured or favorites images on maine page.

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