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A big apology to all of you guys!

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Bjarne Varöystrand
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Your name: Bjarne Varöystrand
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A big apology to all of you guys!

Postby Bjarne Varöystrand » Wed 16 Jan 2019, 00:51

As some of you might have noticed, I have "more or less" been absent here the last couple of months... :oops: :cry:

I wont go in to details about why, but try to explain my self somehow anyway!

A "while ago" I was in a pretty bad car accident and ended up in the hospital for a while... :?
And besides the physical sides of things (that healed) it also affected my personal life in a pretty big and negative way :cry:

To try to keep it short and "to the point": the result of the accident was a while in the hospital, and then during that time the girl I proposed to before the accident decided that she would be "better of" without me in her life!

Well those two "minor" setbacks threw me in to a psychological downward spiral where everything in my life came to a stand still, and I ended up with a pretty bad depression that I'm still doing my best to fight! :cry:
But now I have decried to do my best to craw my self up from that "tar pit", one step at the time....

And I'm doing that by this "letter" to all of you, that I truly have missed during all this, and with the release of one/two new Koken plugins: and to try to dig my way through the "backlog" of posts here!!!!!!!!

The first plugin is the GDPR Cookie Consent for Koken that should have been released a looong time ago! :oops:
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Your name: real world

Re: A big apology to all of you guys!

Postby faustvasea97 » Wed 16 Jan 2019, 13:35

Feel sad to hear that. Bad things are happens in life, I really hope that you feel much better now. About girl, that's the hardest point. Anyway, good that you alive, about girlfriend, you'll meet new one. ;)
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Your name: Mads

Re: A big apology to all of you guys!

Postby Mads » Wed 16 Jan 2019, 22:46

Sad to hear - and sad you now also have to fight with the depression.
I really wish all the Best for you, Bjarne
You have helped and are helping a lot of People.

You are doing a great job, but please remember also to take good care of your self.

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Your name: Justin Phillips

Re: A big apology to all of you guys!

Postby jphillips » Tue 22 Jan 2019, 10:39

Been there myself, hard place to get out of, welcome back.
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Re: A big apology to all of you guys!

Postby raydoo » Tue 29 Jan 2019, 11:24

Good to read from you. I hope you get well too and in company of nice people.
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Your name: Riccardo

Re: A big apology to all of you guys!

Postby Wikirichi » Sun 10 Mar 2019, 19:17

I am very sorry to hear this BUT very glad you are taking the right steps to get up on your feet and fight back.
Glad to have you back and again thank you for the great work you have been doing!

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