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Koken is dead. Long live Koken.

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Your name: Hans Rupert
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Koken is dead. Long live Koken.

Postby noir » Wed 04 Apr 2018, 02:46

Site Name: Hans Rupert photo/motion
URL: http://www.hansrupert.com
Theme: Adobe Portfolio / Matthias
Plugins: None
About me: I've been a devout Koken user since it was Slide Show Pro in the Flash days. I waited eagerly for its beta announcement in 2013, and have been using it ever since. I'm a commercial photographer primarily for architecture, engineering, industrial & energy clients. I have 25+ years' experience as a commercial studio photographer, and have always believed that the Internet could level the playing field for all of us as photographers.

Sorry, but Koken is dead. Dead, dead, dead.

After years of struggle, frustration, hopes and waiting, it's over folks. It's a bad, bad sign when the last blog announcement from Koken was over a year ago. It's even more ominous that Koken's founder, Todd Dominey doesn't even use Koken anymore. He uses Squarespace. This is sad.

What's more telling is when I researched Adobe forums for any news about the Koken Lightroom publish service, it became immediately apparent that it's dead as a platform/solution too. John Beardsworthy, an Adobe engineer was trying to get this point across emphatically to die-hard users of LR Publish Services. His explanation? "It's a legacy solution, and isn't going to be invested in any further." So, what is the future according to him? Adobe's sync services. The cloud. Namely, the new Lightroom CC and Adobe Portfolio for mobile users. Now, me, I'm a Lightroom CC Classic + desktop workstation user, but that all works with Adobe Portfolio too.

Look, I love Koken; I always have. But the constant struggle to make it an easy solution to go from Lightroom to my website has been fraught with frustration & failure. My legacy hosting company, Dreamhost stopped supporting Koken last year. I pay them extra monthly for a VPS just to get Koken to run well, and even then I cannot get Retina/HiDPI imagery to work reliably.

The site I built above with Adobe Portfolio I got done in less than 24 hrs. Two nights' work – and that's including the learning curve. Had I stuck with the default theme settings instead of customizing it, I would have been done in one night!

I'm done screwing around with Koken hoping my website will be a dream come true one day. I'm done hoping that Retina quality images can be delivered 100% reliably, and lightning fast. I'm done waiting for crucial updates to Koken that would help us all as photographers actually make more photos instead of tearing our hair out trying to get Koken to actually work. Switching over to Adobe Portfolio (which comes free BTW with my $10/mo CC account) couldn't have been easier. I haven't been this thrilled about my website in YEARS.

Is adobe Portfolio perfect? Nope. But is it updated, fixed, improved constantly? Of course. And, it's only going to get better and better and better.

I still have a few sites on Koken, and they'll stay that way. I still love the idea of Koken, but I can't waste anymore energy on it anymore. I hope that Koken stays alive, and gets a shot in the arm soon, but I' not holding my breath.

Long live Koken.

- Hans
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